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Keep All Your Gadgets Powered Up with One Single Charger 

POWME is a multifaceted and stylish GaN Charger for your Laptop, Smartphone, Smartwatch, Airpods with integrated USB-C Hub

Experience convenience, effectiveness, safety and multi-functionality in a compact charger!

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The Best 3-in-1 GaN Charger and USB-C Hub

POWME GaN charger allows you to get faster charging with half the size and weight  
The incorporated USB-C hub provides maximum value charging and transferring data at the same time
The latest Qi technology delivers safe and efficient charge for multiple devices simultaneously and wirelessly

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One Charger for Multiple Devices 

Quick-charge your smartphone and AppleWatch wirelessly and simultaneously from the wall socket, a power bank or your Mac.




Super Versatile Wireless Charger 

POWME empowers you to use the charging power to the fullest. The simple, convenient and lightweight device integrates a USB-C laptop charger with 2 wireless chargers for your phone and AirPods.

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Charging before POWME GaN Charger 

Uncomfortable: You had to carry at least 4 dongles with you constantly. Plus, the mess of tangled cables and the risk of losing dongles

Heavy: At least 3.2lb ( 145gr ) added weight

Expensive: Over $240 in cost

Charging with POWME GaN Charger 

Compact: Smaller, lighter and more stylish device 5.4″ by 2.8″ by 0.7". No more tangled cables 

Lightweight: Around 0.3lb( 140gr ) in your bag 

Budget-friendly: Single-time investment of about $100  

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The Most Multi-Functional and Multi-Purpose Charger

With its six multi-purpose ports, POWME provides you with maximal connecting capacity. The SD slots, USB-C ports and 4K HDMI ports optimize your devices for better performance. Share power between laptops simply connecting them to each other through the POWME’s USB-C ports.

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Why Choose POWME Charger?

Next-Gen GaN Technology
POWME is a GaN charger which is the latest trend in the semiconductor's field. GaN technology enables faster charging and generates less heat.  Plus, it makes POWME smaller, much lightweight and more powerful.

Shared Power
POWME allows you to share power between laptops. You can transfer energy from your full Mac to your friend’s drained one by simply connecting them via the POWME’s USB-C ports. 

All-in-One Charger
Replenish almost all types of gadgets effortlessly. POWME is compatible not only with Apple devices but also with any USB-C laptop, QI charging smartphone and smartwatch. Also, get the most out of the 6 inputs incorporated.  

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