Our Story


POWME Charger was developed, as a solution for the problem of staying effectively connected to the environment with a MacBook, that we constantly face in our daily lives.

Being an active start-up team, we need to use all the capabilities our tech can give us, and being unable to do so, is a huge stress. So we decided, we need a MacBook charger, that can do more, than simply charge your MacBook. It’s 21st century after all!

And we started the product we wished for: a MacBook charger, that will also connect us to our environment and charge our iPhones or iWatches. And while making it functional, we also had to make it look awesome and as small as possible.

So the POWME Charger was born.



POWME at CES 2018



This was the first time, we participated in the Las Vegas CES 2018 expo on January, where we first introduced our prototype of Tooyn (later rebranded into POWME) 3-in-1 USB-C charger, and the world got a sneak peak of this gadget.  

We were overwhelmed by the feedback we got from our CES 2018 visitors both on features and design of POWME.  

 In case you have missed it, here are some photos from CES 2018.