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3-in-1 USB-C hub with
wireless charging

Powme charger is a Macbook charger, equipped with a wireless charger for your other devices and a USB-C hub. This super-thin device includes:
QI Wireless Charger
Apple Watch charger
USB 3.1 (10Gbps)
HDMI port (4K)
USB-C (Thunderbolt 3)
SD and Micro SD reader




POWME Magsafe Charger

The POWME MagSafeⓇ charger charges iPhone 12 at 15W and any other smartphone at standard 7.5W. The magnetic direct charging device is faster and more convenient, requiring no cords whatsoever.

QI Wireless Charger
Accurate alignment
Magnetic Adsorption 
1m USB-C integrated cable 




65W Ultra Small GaN Charger

This super compact universal charger is 30% smaller than its counterparts and powerful enough to charge your 13" Mac in an hour and a half. The 90 degree collapsible plug and the combination of 2 USB-C and USB-A ports make this 65W GaN charger your perfect everyday companion. 

  • USB-C 65W
  • USB-A 60W
  • Smaller Size
  • Safe and Reliable 
  • High-Power
  • Double Speed




    POWME Travel Adapter

    The travel adapter with universal charger is the perfect choice for travel. Supporting all the popular socket plugs and equipped with fast charging, this travel adapter will help you charge your devices wherever and whenever quickly and easily.

    • 1x USB-C
    • 2x USB-A
    • Helpful in 150+ countries
    • Adaptive Fast Charging