Smart rings are a thing for a while now. Small, stylish, often elegant, they are striving to match and even replace the smartwatches. 


What Are Smart Rings

Smart Rings are rings stacked full of sensors, NFC chips, and other technology. They act as keys and health trackers, and smartphone peripherals, potentially replacing smartwatches and fitness bands.

They are not quite there yet, usually failing in either size or functionality to match.

However, with technology getting better and more advanced, there is hope that the day will come soon.


Why We Need Them

While smartwatches are fine in most cases and have many features we want to keep near us, they’re larger and frequently get in the way. On the other hand, a ring is a lot smaller and honestly looks a lot more elegant.

Top 5 Smart Rings to get in 2021

  1. Oura Ring - This one is the most famous of currently existing smart rings and is even used for COVID-19 detection. Having a rather high price tag, Oura has a mobile app, an immense amount of sensors, and pretty smart analytics of the received data. It has a long battery life, is water-resistant, and is rather discreet. It is made in hard material and relatively thick, making it not very comfy on smaller hands. 
    oura ring
  2. Dickin Waterproof Intelligent Digital Smart Ring - This is an excellent NFC ring that is versatile/, functional, and priced reasonably. It can implement several functions on your smartphone or use it as a contactless IC card. It is IP68 waterproof and has many sizes. It is made of plastic, though, and the availability is not stable. 
    Dickin Waterproof Intelligent Digital Smart Ring
  3. Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker -  This one is for those who really need that info instantly, without reaching for their phone.  It tracks oxygen levels and heart rate, and other health info quite accurately and has a friendly app. It is a little larger than usual as a consequence of actually having a screen. The ring also sends notifications through vibration when the numbers get low. Wellue is a bit on the pricy side, though. 
    Wellue Overnight Oxygen Saturation Tracker
  4. Lycos Life - This one is more a smartphone peripheral with 2 NFC chips, which can be programmed independently through the mobile app. It looks great and modern, has many sizes and is waterproof. It is on the more budget side, but it won’t work with iPhones and Android below 4.3. Not that the last one is a big deal, given we’re generally in the Android 10 family now. 
    Lycos Life
  5. NFC Opn - This one also has 2 NFC tags with different security levels. It is suitable for keeping your personal data safe and easily sharing the data you want. It is waterproof up to 50 meters. Designed in classic black and white, it is elegant. 
    NFC Opn

Wrap Up

By the end of the day, not one smart ring would satisfy all needs. So, choosing a smart ring is all about setting priorities. However, these small devices might still develop in some time to tackle every task we want them to. However, whatever your needs, there’s a good chance you’ll find a ring fitting.