Now when the whole iPhone 12 line is officially out, it’s time to look into them and see what we have on our plates this year.

The first point to differentiate this year from before is that all four models are out practically at once. We usually need to wait for a while for most options other than the basic model, but this year we have all the abundance to choose from, it would seem. Perhaps Apple thought that stretching it out, as they usually do, would be too much for this hell of a year.

iPhone 12 series lineup


Next in raw, unlike last year with iPhone 11, which honestly was a little too near the previous model, we’ve got several innovative solutions and even some new functionality. Hurray!

To start with, the most notable and noticeable, all the iPhone 12 series support 5G connectivity. The 5G has been a buzz for a while now, and, though not widely available today, it is considered the new standard to come.

We will be diving deeper into the concept of 5G in one of our soon-to-come posts, so stay tuned for that. 

The other exciting change of this year regards the actual materials. Apple heard us on the subject of getting a heart attack every time our iPhones get a little fall at last. They introduced an all-new material to harden the front shield. They call it the Ceramic Shield. It is by Corning, the company behind the Gorilla glass. This is glass with some nanoceramic crystals of a particular type and degree of crystallinity in a nutshell. These get introduced into the glass through a high-temperature crystallization process. As Apple claims, this makes the iPhone 12 4 times more durable than previous iPhones. We shall see about that, but the drop tests flooding the web show significant improvement in the matter. (And psst, if you want more details on the shield, drop a comment, and we will dive deeper.)

iphone 12 shield


The next, and perhaps most exciting for us, is introducing the MagSafe technology into the phone. We’ve seen that on MacBooks, but a smartphone? That’s some news! The circle of magnets is built into the back of the phone, under the rear casing, allowing not only MagSafe wireless charging, which even in itself is something new and cool but a lot more. For now, we have a charger and some cases for the phone featuring the MagSafe and a small chip inside meant to tell your iPhone what exactly you just attached to it. But the possibilities are endless. This technology allows adding any functionality to your iPhone that could not possibly fit inside it for whatever reason. Given how fast any new types of accessories for Apple products appear in the market and their vast amounts and diversity, we can soon expect some fun stuff.


iphone 12 magsafe charging feature


Another very noticeable change is the design. The edges are fully squared off, much in the mood of the iPhone 5, if you remember that. However, the larger size might make this a bit less comfortable in the palm of your hand. But really, having a smaller size with almost no functional difference makes this an “Ok, nevermind” feeling news. Now what is the reason for this retreat is not clear. It might be for the sake of increasing the 5G wavelength sensibility, as some experts say. However, we would not eliminate another possibility: describing how the iPhone 12 is much more break-proof, Apple talked about how the front shield sits flush to the phone’s edge. It might also be several reasons together, including some we would never think of, but the point is we’re back to having actual edges and angles in the handsets of the iPhone 12 series.

IOS 14

Now, having a new IOS with the new iPhone series is not a big deal; that’s pretty much the norm. There are a few excellent improvements here, so let’s just glide through them one-by-one:

The App Library

Pretty much a menu, allowing you to get rid of the sea of apps on your home screens. The possibility of neatly organizing them into folders, and some built-in pre-organization, make browsing your iPhone easier, faster, and well, more pleasant. The AI-powered Suggested folder is here to foresee what app you would like to use next and eliminate the need to find it. We shall see how it works, but the idea is fantastic.

The Widgets

The bit previously nailed to the left side of your main screen can now be spread around all your screens just as you wish, allowing a lot more personalization. The ability to customize your widgets’ size and which ones you want to see is a definite plus. Something that was long available in Android phones is finally here, with all the personality of Apple. From now on, many apps for IOS still do not feature widgets, not that they had an option before, really, but with the possibility there, it will not be long before we see a lot of them make one.


ios 14 apps and widgets

Efficiency and Multitasking

There is more than one space-saving improvement in this system. One: Siri has become much more compact on your screen, so you don’t need to use all of your space to ask a question or even get it answered. Two: Picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to watch your video thumbnail mode to use your phone to something else simultaneously. Three: App Clips are at the core pop-ups that appear when your iPhone thinks you might need to use a particular app without leaving where you are now or even without having the whole app installed into your phone.

Translate App

Yes, we now have a translation app by Apple for both text and voice translations. It also supports a conversation mode allowing you to actually talk to people with language detection and ongoing translation from your phone, speaking up loud so they can understand you.

ios 14 translate and images


There are naturally some other improvements, but we think these are the most differentiating ones.


Wrap Up

Well, to round up, the new iPhone series is pleasantly improved from the previous one. We’ve got some stuff looking forward in time, we’ve got a sea of new diversification possibilities in both software and hardware, we’ve got a series of new phones that will, most likely, stand the test of time.