We live and die with our gadgets. We have them around 24/7. We use them, and we love them. So how do we take care of them?

It’s not hard and does not take a lot of time. It’s mostly proper usage, to be honest. And a little bit over that. So, here are my tips on how to take care of your gadgets.

  1. Keep it Clean. Especially stressed now, with the pandemic around, this is important regardless of the global situation. Your gadgets need to be clean to work well. Every dust particle on your lens, every bit in your keyboard, everything that blocks your vents is a killer. There are many ways to clean your gadgets, from specialized products to homemade stuff. Not to complicate the process, use brushes for dusting and disinfecting wipes to clean off the grime. The cotton swabs are your perfect helpers for the tiny spaces and holes. 
    keep your devices clean
  2. Keep it Dry. Even your shower Bluetooth speaker needs to be dry inside. Let alone your computer or your phone. If wet, turn the device off and unplug it immediately. Take out the battery if you can. Then let the liquid drain and dry it with a paper towel or a tissue. Make sure it is fully dry before turning on the device. A good way to make sure there’s no moisture left is placing the gadget into a bag with uncooked rice or several of those silica gel packs; just make sure nothing gets in the ports and stuff. 
    keep your tech dry
  3. Keep the software up to date. Whether it’s a computer, a smartphone, a camera, or anything else that involves software, make sure always to update it to the latest version. The updates mostly include energy and memory efficiency and other components vital to helping your device live longer. 
    keep your soft updated
  4. Keep it out of extreme temperatures. Especially harmful is the heat, either in the form of direct sunlight or placing beside the heater. Why, especially heat? Well, it is less likely that you’ll drop it on the window than in the fridge or freezer. You should keep it away from freezing temperatures too. The rule of thumb is if you’re uncomfortable, your tech will be so as well. 
    keep tech out of extreme cold
  5. Keep your cords organized. Ok, this one is not that easy, I know. But it is crucial. Having a tangled bunch of cables is not only inconvenient but also can damage them. And the cords are the most vulnerable part of our gadgets and at the same time among the most important ones. The trick is you need to make sure the dongle has all the right parameters for the device. This is especially important for the more sophisticated devices. Keeping that in mind, getting a replacement can be a pain and rather costly. So, you want to make sure your wires live long and well. You can label them, color-code them, or use some cable organizers. 
    keep your cords organized
  6. Keep an eye on the charging level. You don’t want your devices drained, but you don’t want them overcharged as well. In general, the optimal for the Li-ion battery is 40-80% charge. This will let your battery live longer, which far too frequently is how long you can use your device.
    keep an eye on charging level
  7. Pay attention to the vents. Proper cooling is the key to electronics longevity and efficiency. The vents are where the hot air leaves the device and the colder air enters it. So, make sure that your vents are always adequately ventilated and don’t face any fluffy areas. 
    laptop vents
  8. Research on your devices. Every gadget is different and has its’ dos and don’ts. Make sure to research the best practices for your exact models. This can save you a ton of money and nerves and time. 
    research your device
  9. Give them some space. Don’t stick your gadgets in the tiny space that can barely fit the body or drop a bunch of items on the top of it. The devices don’t like to be pressed, just like people.

None of these is rocket science or takes much time. Even this very basic maintenance makes a huge difference in the longevity of your tech. And, believe me, it’s worth the effort.