Today, I am diving into a rather complicated and arguable topic: alternative chargers for your MacBook.

There is a huge debate going on in the community if it is safe to use third-party devices with your MacBook or you should simply stick to the Apple Store.

Apple themselves recommends purchasing only from their own store, or Apple recommended products at least. Whether it is for safety concerns or more interest-driven reasons, that is the company’s official position.

The point is that even having only Apple products does not safeguard you from mishaps and trouble, not to mention that these have a sad tendency of dying long before your Mac. So, is it possible to choose an alternative charger for your MacBook?

The short answer is YES, but there are some tricks. So let’s dive into those.

things to consider before buying a charger for macbook

Firstly make sure you know your MacBook model. Obvious, I know, still it is crucial.  Ensure you’re keeping in mind your MacBook’s model and year when setting out for the search. For Macs before 2016, you’re going to need a MagSafe power adapter; for newer versions, it’s USB-C, and different ones based on the model. For example, if you have a 15” MacBook Pro, which is not something they make anymore, it requires 87W. The now-available-larger-screen-option 16” MacBook Pro requires 96W. The 13” MacBook Pros ask for a charger with 61W, and the MacBook Airs need only 30W.


Second, look at your wattage. You should look for a charger that has not less wattage than that of your MacBook if you want higher efficiency. With modern technologies, you don’t have to get one that is the same wattage. Many current power adapters use a smart power allocation system, allowing you to safely charge lower wattage devices and effectively charge several of them simultaneously.


Next, pay attention to the cable. Most times, the power adapters don’t come packed with cords to connect your Mac, so you may need to get one as well. Make sure the parameters of your cable correspond to those of your charger and your Mac. Look for the Power Delivery Supported cords only. Pay attention to the joints: that’s a huge breaking point, so make sure the joints are well-made and protected. Preference is with braided cords because they tend to be more sturdy, but in general, don’t choose a very slim cable; they are much more likely to tear.

And lastly, here are my top 3 alternative chargers for Mac:

  1. HyperJuice 100W USB C Charger - 2 USB-C ports for up to 100W each, and 2 USB-A ports each for up to 18W, priced at $153.
    Hyper Juice 100W Type C Charger
  2. CHOETECH 100W 2-Port Type C Wall Charger - 2 USB-C ports for up to 100W, Priced at $43.
    CHOETECH 100W 2-Port Type C Wall Charger
  3. POWME 65W Ultra Small GaN Charger - a USB-C for up to 65W and a USB-A for up to 18W. It is priced at $34.
    POWME 65W Ultra Small GaN Charger