Today technology affects our lifestyles in many different ways. The lifestyle changes are made possible or dictated by developments in technology. It is everywhere: when we work, when we eat, when we sleep, when we rest, when we communicate, and so on and so forth.

The general trends in technology development are pretty much stable for the last couple of years. It’s all about IoT, AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, Robotics, and related technologies.


The COVID-19 impact

The global pandemic has changed many things about how we live, sometimes in surprising ways. The industry is not less affected. Many things have been dragged back; many things have rushed on. Some things got extinct exceptionally quickly. Some things we thought of, like something out of the far future, are here, settled and stable.

The first, most important, and notable, though perhaps not the most noticeable, is the technology related to healthcare and medication. The time something new takes to be made and produced has decreased drastically. 

The pandemic showed that the industry moved too slow, sometimes even fatally slow. And the industry, along with the controlling bodies, had to adjust. The speed with which Covid-19 test kits were developed worldwide proved that it is possible to do better. The vaccines were created with the same, previously unseen, pace.

covid vaccine development

But it’s not just the speeds that got affected; the crisis led to a burst in drug-making technology.

The videoconferencing and remote interaction and collaboration software saw unprecedented growth with the lock-downs and mandatory work and education from home. What was previously a fun gimmick for occasional use is now the most required communications mean.

Contactless everything has become much more popular. With any live interaction with another human becoming the most dangerous action, everything contactless has become crucial. Contactless payments became the new norm, with some places even banning cash. The contactless delivery services gained in popularity immensely. It has become the new norm for all sorts of shopping, from groceries to Amazon.

contactless shopping

On the binding edge of the last two industries above, telehealth developed. This came around to ease the hospitals’ load and somewhat decrease the danger occurring from many people’s physical presence in the same place, especially those healthcare institutions.


The new world in 2021

While it’s still too soon to talk about the post-covid life, that glorious time not being here yet, we can safely say that the world has changed a lot.

We’ve come to understand that we don’t have to get crumbed in a small space to work and study together, at least not all the time. We learned that we can do many things without even leaving our homes. We learned that there’s a lot of stuff and activities that we don’t need and don’t even want. We discovered the importance of live conversations and the value of a company. Many of us learned to cook and brew excellent coffee. 

reopening post covid

But what is most important, our consuming and buying habits have changed. It’s not a habit anymore to grab a coffee on the way to the office for many. Or buying a lunch every day. Or even eating fast-food. Many things in our lives have become not so important.

On the other hand, we came to value a good TV show or movie, an exciting book, and an engaging game. We’ve found out that cooking a meal may be pleasant, in addition to saving some cash. We started working out at home to find out we can do perfectly well without the gym.

And the technology adapts. The latest developments empower us to do more of what we want and value, and less of what we don’t like, but keep on.

What’s next

With all the tech advancements, we will be seeing considerable changes not only, and maybe not so much, in our everyday lives, but in things perhaps more important. Healthcare-related technologies and robotics will empower more people to live normal lives.

The new technology supporting the work-from-home ease and safety will make it the new norm for many industries.

what's next

The growing concern for the environment will force the faster adoption of EVs. California already banned the sales of fuel-energized cars, and the UK plans to do the same by 2030.

The delivery industry, it looks like, will get more and more automated, following the contactless trend.

The battery capacities and lifespans will grow, allowing more versatile and independent use of portable devices.

Wrap Up

It would be exaggerating to say that we’re on the brink of a new technological revolution. Still, tech, and life, are going to change a lot soon. Well, it has been changing year by year for the last decade at least, so there’s nothing new in that. 

The use of technology will further spread as if there’s a field in life where we still don’t use it. Most daily activities are becoming easier. By the end of the day, it’s the main reason behind any technology and device: to make our lives easier and empower people to do more and better.