Devices and gadgets are all around us. We use them every minute of our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re actively using some sort of a device because they’re so deeply integrated into our lives.

So, let’s have a look at some of the gadgets and devices we can’t imagine our lives without.

The must-have’s all the time.

Ok, let’s start out with what we have on and around us all the time.

 First off: a smartphone, a smartwatch, a pair of AirPods, a fitness tracker, we always have most of these around to keep us going. Next, a laptop and the charger, an iPad, one power bank at least, carry out our daily work and leisure.

must haves all the time


The in-house savers

Can you count how many devices you have in your house running 24/7?

Let’s try:

A climate control system or thermostat, a smoke detector, a wi-fi router, a TV, a gaming console, a fridge, a stove, an oven, a computer, a set of speakers, a coffee-maker, a microwave, an iron, a washing machine and a drier, a kitchen hood, a toaster, a slow-cooker, a blender, a kitchen aid mixer, a food processor, an electric kettle, a scale, several light fixtures, a voice assistant, a vacuum cleaner, a doorbell, a security system, a water heater… the list goes on and on. 

game console

The odds are we use devices and gadgets in our houses even when we’re not inside. And we’ll have to admit that we can’t even imagine our lives and our homes without them.


The all-around stuff

So we listed the devices we own and use. But how many devices are there that we use but don’t really buy or control?

Every time you get cash from ATM, pay with your credit card, get to your office store in the building, pour water from the cooler, grab a pack of chips from the vending machine you use a device. Even our commute is tightly interwoven with devices: the car, the bus, the underground train, the traffic lights, etc.

This is huge, but there’s more: the solar system that generates electricity, or the even more complicated nuclear plant equipment, the water pumps, the lighting fixtures everywhere we go… we are surrounded by devices.

devices all around

More, every building and generally everything we have and see was made using some devices.

And don’t let me start out on healthcare! Just don’t; there’s too much to even start counting.


Wrap Up

So, without even attempting to list every device in our lives, we can see an inevitable fact: today’s life is impossible without devices and gadgets. Even if we don’t try to delve into the more complicated stuff, we need at least our laptops or smartphones to survive, especially in the bigger cities.

As things are now, we absolutely cannot eliminate all devices in our lives. Of course, we can minimize their number but will it be worth it?

There’s no simple answer to this. Some people need very few devices in their lives and can live happily without most of the stuff that sits around me now. And, honestly, I admire those people; they are amazing. 

It’s so much more comfortable for most of us to have all those things handy.