Which Apple devices support wireless charging?

Are you an Apple enthusiast? If you clicked on the articles, in all probability, the answer is yes. So, it is expected that your bags and drawers are littered with cables and adapters for each of your Apple devices. The good news? We are hastily heading towards a wireless future. And the tech giant Apple is among the first to adopt its products to the demands of the wireless future. For instance, the removal of the headphone jack from its latest iPhone versions (starting from iPhone8) was Apple’s major leap towards cable-free future. In this article, we will walk you through all the Apple devices with wireless charging capabilities.


iPhone Wireless Charger

Apple integrated wireless charging capabilities into its phones starting from iPhone8 version. Every next iPhone since then comes with Qi wireless charging technology. For older iPhone versions, you will need to buy wireless charging cases that add additional weight to your phone. To wirelessly charge an iPhone, you need to place it on a wireless charging pad and it will begin charging automatically. But Apple’s charging cases are not the only wireless chargers to power up your iPhone. There are other high-quality wireless chargers in the market that offer the convenience of charging up to three devices at once and include Qi wireless compatibility. 


Apple Watch Wireless Charger


All Apple smartwatches have in-built QI charging technology. Apple has made its own QI charging pad specifically designed for Apple Watches. This gives rise to misconceptions that Apple Watches can’t charge on any other QI charger besides Apple charging pad. However, there are many high efficiency QI chargers in the market that work safely and flawlessly with Apple Watches.


AirPods Wireless Charger

Apple AirPods are another product that supports wireless charging. Apple has launched its own AirPods wireless charging case for both first generation and second generation AirPods. Yet, there are third-party AirPod wireless charging cases that are pretty good alternatives to Apple's AirPods wireless charging case. Besides, the third-party wireless charging cases are usually cheaper but equally powerful.


All-in-One GaN Charger 

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