A few words about us 

Who we are

We are POWME-ers! A powerful team of tech enthusiasts and creative professionals who propel innovative tech solutions for your safety and comfort.

Our Mission

At POWME, we create multi-functional wireless GaN chargers that will help you effectively deal with your cable and wire management problems. POWME chargers are specially designed to save you from the mess of cables once and forever. 


It All Started...

It all started with TOOYN-the next-gen charger for all your Apple devices. As a promising tech startup, we launched a TOOYN campaign on INDIEGOGO and raised $125,665 with the help of 1,408 backers. Inspired by the success of our TOOYN project, we decided to move forward with the second version of the most versatile chargers and named it POWME GaN Charger. With over 2000 backers,  POWME had the same success as TOOYN on crowdfunding platforms.

Generally, there is no significant difference between these two products. Both POWME and TOOYN are created to provide you with the most comfortable charging experience. 

Rocket 2

3 crowdfunding campaigns

people 2

2000+ backers

target 2

around $200 000 





2637 E Atlantic Blvd
Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA 

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